Sócrates stays in jail as appeal is delayed

socratesJosé Sócrates’s lawyer has postponed an appeal to have his client released from Évora prison, scheduled for today, claiming that he first needs to consult his client on ‘some issues.’

Lawyer João Araújo said that he soon will be in a  position to move forward and deliver the appeal to the Central Court of Criminal Investigation.

Last Thursday, Araújo visited Évora prison to talk to his client and stated to the crowd of dedicated 'persons of the media' huddled outside the prison that he would deliver the appeal on Monday at around 16.00, saying that  his client "must be released as soon as someone becomes aware of the injustice and illegality" of his detention.

João Araújo said that he hoped Socrates "could spend Christmas at home because the fact of his being imprisoned for 15 days is an abuse," which "must cease as soon as possible."

Already three requests for José Sócrates’ release have been lodged in the Supreme Court. The first of these was rejected for lack of any legal basis, the second was not admitted for consideration and the third will be decided  by the end of Wednesday.

José Sócrates has been held on remand since November 25th on suspicion of tax fraud, money laundering and corruption yet has been allowed many visitors, most of them current and former socialist politicians who protest his innocence despite not having seen the detailed charges.

It has been revealed today that the General Directorate of the Prison Service denied a request from an Expresso newspaper journalist to interview the former prime minister. The denial was due to the 'negative opinion' of the case judge Carlos Alexandre and of the prosecution.

Expresso requested a phone interview with José Sócrates a week after his arrest but granting such an interview was seen as inappropriate under the circumstances as Sócrates is being held to prevent him meddling with the case, although this has not stopped his many visitors taking away letters written by Sócrates to be delivered to the press and possibly others.

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+1 #1 Elsa 2014-12-16 11:21
OK - the Portuguese are accustomed to being called the 'odd people' of the European Union. Not least their legal, policing and justice system still not being anywhere near an acceptable European Union standard.

But Socrates latest 'request' as described in today's Portuguese press takes the biscuit.

Saying that he needs to hear any phone taps and read any secret documents that are being used against him to spoil his Christmas.

Why does he refer to Christmas ? If necessary to the prosecution keep him banged up until at least Ramadan in June or even Milad un Nabi 2015 and beyond.

Just don't duck out Portugal as you usually do !

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