Sócrates maintains his 'fighting spirit' after a month in Evora jail

prisonThe Socialist leader, António Costa visited José Sócrates in Evora prison today and reported that the former prime minister was maintaining his "fighting spirit."

Another high profile visitor dropping in to wish Sócrates a happy new year was former President of the Republic, Mário Soares.

Costa has visited the former prime minister before and said to reporters today that "he's a fighter and is fighting for what he believes to be his truth."

The socialist leader stressed that this was a personal visit and that he did not want to talk to journalists, which later he did.

Mário Soares said that "there is no reason" to keep Sócrates in prison and said that he felt that he should visit his friend on the last day of the year, describing him as being "very well, from an intellectual point of view."

The former President of the Republic reiterated that Sócrates is the victim of a politically motivated action, something he said after his first visit to Évora jail on November 26th. At the time, Soares said the former prime minister is a "victim of a campaign that is a disgrace," it is "a political case."

Soares arrived in Évora this morning about half an hour before António Costa who arrived at 10.30.

José Sócrates has been in jail for over a month and is being held in case he gets involved in or influences Operation Marques which is an investigation into tax fraud, money laundering and corruption in which Sócrates is one of the two main suspects.

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-1 #3 Smithy 2015-01-01 14:58
What you have to laugh at is the precautions Socrates is taking so as not be overheard. He knows his room has been bugged. Just as the Chinese Gold Visa people did ...

So him and his visitor chat alongside a running tap in the washroom. Or beside a radio playing Radio 4's Desert Island Disks. Did you know Socrates often regrets Portuguese radio has nothing similar ... ?

He knows that no Portuguese judge will allow these recordings in his court room - so it cannot be any Portuguese doing it.

So who is doing the bugging if not foreign security agencies ?

Who else keeps the submarines bribe scandal in the air - to the angst of the Portuguese elite who dearly want it buried?

Every few weeks some new titbit ...Mein Herrs - step forward from the shadows and lets all give it up for our friends in the German Secret Service !!
-1 #2 Hendriksson 2015-01-01 11:30
Socrates ... held in case he gets involved in or influences Operation Marques.

This man has been mentioned directly or indirectly in several cases. Not just Freeport but also Face Oculta. No doubt many more are known to DCIAP but usefully shelved.

The great problem, as often stated, is Portugal should have been doing this at least 30 years ago. Proving it had really had a 'revolution'.

Instead all the tricks to 'lose' bribes and hide trafficking of influence have since been raised to an art form. Funded by the EU !

And the 'hunters' are themselves Portuguese - so immediately suspect. No doubt anyone of importance is desperately pressuring anyone known to be involved to get this case also shelved.

Corruption and the assumption that the 'elite' are above the law - being such a momentous problem here

As often said - send in the Scandinavians.
-1 #1 Peter Booker 2015-01-01 10:04
Preventative custody is a difficult subject. Perhaps most people in Portugal think that wrongdoing was committed while Sócrates was minister and Prime Minister. The reason I think that his incarceration may be a good development is this remark: "fighting for what he believes to be his truth". I am almost certain that Sócrates´ version of the truth will be different from everybody else´s, but I fear that this term in custody may tell against any future effort to prosecute him.

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