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Jok Addison (05.06.1936 – 31.12 2018)

Jok AddisonJok came to the Algarve in the late 1980s, soon followed by his partner Trudy.

He soon started teaching at the International School in Porches. Jok's spare time did not last long as it soon was filled with requests from friends to tutor their children at home.

A present on his 80th birthdayTrudy joined the tutoring and soon their home became too small.

Together with the help of parents the tutoring moved to an area called Val Verde and the Vale Verde College was started in a disused primary school at Quatro Estradas.

Jok was an excellent teacher with a warm, Scottish heart and held a fund of knowledge on a vast array of topics including English and World History. He always went to school with tremendous happiness and pleasure in his heart.

This was a man who believed in teenagers. He always enjoyed his teaching and so did the students who often were delighted when Jok forgot to give them homework.

Jok and Trudy´s work is continued at the Aljezur International School, a school you never hear a bad word about – this is as it should be, just like in Jok and Trudy´s days there.

His wisdom and knowledge are missed.

Trudy van der Steeg, January 2019

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