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Ron Lavery (1929-2013)

Rod Lavery diesThe Algarve's most feared letter-writer Ron Lavery died on the 4th of February. Long-term resident of the Algarve, Ron loved nothing more than stirring up expats and locals alike through the always-tolerant Letters page of the Portugal News. 

Controversial, precise, pedantic and always topical, one of Rod's well-known tactics was to continue to respond to often outraged readers until a topic died a natural death after a protracted game of 'letter tennis', or until the Editor tired of the subject matter only to be ambushed the next week by another equally testy missive concerning spelling, accuracy, grammar or content, often all in the same letter whose author never suffered from anomaly or inaccuracy.

Newspapers need debate and the Algarve region will be the poorer for Ron Lavery's passing. Our condolences go to his wife Trish.






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