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Lyndon James Merner (1956 - 2012)

Lyndon James Merner (1956 - 2012)It is with the greatest of sadness that we have to convey to you that Lyndon passed away last weekend (July 2012). Lyndon died very suddenly from a heart attack sometime over the weekend at home, where he lived alone.

The first that we were aware of this was when Lyndon didn’t arrive for work on Monday morning and, not responding to our calls (which was most unusual for Lyndon) we went to his home.

Lyndon has been a very valuable member of the team here at the Four Seasons Country Club since November 1991 and, apart from leaving to return to the UK for a short period in 2003/2004, has worked here with us for the last 20+ years.

Lyndon, over his time here, has taught many children (and a few adults) to swim, and was now teaching some of the children of those children. Countless others also enjoyed his tennis and squash lessons, and in the last few years many others will remember the “pleasure” of his intensive spinning classes, along with numerous other activities. And for those not so sporty many will have enjoyed the very popular quiz nights that Lyndon ran in the bar.

Lyndon also fulfilled a role as a member of the management team, and was very much involved in the more intensive marketing that has been taking place over the last couple of years.

Lyndon was a great personality, hugely likeable and much loved by all who knew him. He had an easy manner and was comfortable with people from all walks of life. He was very sociable and mixed well with all ages; an invaluable asset in a members club such as ours. As Nicole Fagan, who has been coming to the club since early childhood wrote to me this week “he was one of the members of staff who always made Four Seasons feel like home”.

Lyndon loved the club, the people that he worked with and the members and guests that were here, and in turn they all loved him. Lyndon’s loss will leave a huge hole in all of our lives and he will be sorely missed.

Here at the club we are in a state of total shock and sheer disbelief that this could happen to such a fit and healthy guy, but we must and will carry on.

Lyndon by his own wishes will be cremated here in Portugal, which will be a private family affair. A memorial to celebrate the life of Lyndon and for his many friends to pay their respects will take place on Saturday at the Evangelical Church in Vale Judeu at 11:00 am. 

The family have asked that no flowers be sent and will inform us in the near future of a charity that they would like to support in Lyndon's name for those who would like to make a donation.

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