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Tribute to Mike Johnson

Mike JohnsonMike Johnson, popular presenter of Play Back on Kiss FM from 1986, mainstay of Solar FM, Albufeira restaurant owner and Jazz Pianist came to the Algarve in the 1960s.  After an on-air heart attack Mike returned to the UK in 1994 and was residing in Plymouth where he continued to entertain audiences.

Mike then learned that he was suffering with a serious cancer problem. The Doctors told Mike he had only three months to live and he began chemotherapy treatment which helped prolong his life until finally he was informed that him he had about six more months.


All this time Mike continued as a Jazz Pianist performing at Hotels in Plymouth until the cancer ended his life in Plymouth on 2 May.

He will be sorely missed by a multitude of expat and Portuguese friends in the Algarve he loved.

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