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Winter Fuel Payment petition breaks 12,000 signature barrier

Winter Fuel PaymentsExpats across Europe have helped boost to more than 12,000 a petition against UK government plans to stop the Winter Fuel Payment for those in countries deemed ‘too hot.’ This includes Portugal.

The petition has grown by 3,000 signatures in a week. It means that the UK government will give a written response, as it must do for all petitions of 10,000 signatures or more.

An official reply is expected to be received in October. Should the petition gain 100,000 or more signatures by its closing date in June 2014, the matter also will be debated in parliament.

 At present no debate is expected to take place and the ban on the £200-£300 Winter Fuel Payment (WFP) is set to be part of regulations likely to be passed without any discussion in early 2015.

The petition can be found below and is open to expats and residents of the UK. If you live overseas, the site does not accept every postcode and may reject the send/signature - if so, leave the postcode field blank.

Sign the Petition HERE.



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