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Vote in May

ETTWEU citizens have the right to vote in the European elections from May 22-25, 2014. This is in most cases also so, if you live in another country than the one you are born in.
Altogether 24 EU member states accept votes by their citizens living in another of EU’s 28 member state. And 20 member states also accept it, if they live in a country outside EU.

If you live outside your home country, you can read much more on this website CLICK HERE ( which ETTW is a partner in).
Here you have all the information you need:

• If you are entitled to vote
• When and how to register to use your right to vote
• How to vote


Your vote is equally important as the vote of any other citizen. Make your voice heard. Have a say on how Europe should develop in the years to come.
And remember: if you don’t vote, you don’t count!

About ETTW

Europe today is much more than the sum of the 28 member states of the European Union and the countries along its borders. It also includes a European diaspora living around the globe of 80 million expatriates, comparable in size to the populations of the Union’s biggest countries. This diaspora, however, is not treated in the same way as other European citizens.

They are very often deprived of some fundamental democratic rights: the right to vote or be a candidate in European elections; the right to hold two or more nationalities; the right to reasonable protection, if they live outside the European Union.

ETTW – Europeans Throughout the World – has been created to address these issues. It is a pan-European umbrella organization of national and other associations, working to improve the life of European expats wherever they live. Our motto: Working together is winning together!

We are currently working with the European institutions to advise them on policies of importance to expats and also have contacts with other European and international bodies, which deal with the same issues.
We are in close contact with many research institutions both within and without Europe in order to profit from their research in expat related topics.
We put particular emphasis on the special challenges that young European expatriates encounter in their lives.

To make our organization truly pan-European, we aim to have active members in all European countries, big and small, within and without the EU. We welcome organizations and individuals.

For more information about ETTW and how you can become a member see our new website or contact us directly:

W:  www.euromonde.eu
LinkedIn: Group Europeans Throughout the World
Facebook: Group Europeans Throughout the World
Twitter: @euromonde1

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