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A lesson in Democracy

Harry SchindlerFurther to the announcement that Canada is extending democracy to all its citizens, wherever they live, Harry Shindler has commented:

"Great Britain that once prided itself that it taught the world democracy, and whose people died to defend that democracy, is now being given a lesson in what democracy really means."

"The giving back to Canadian expats their right to vote by their Government cannot now be ignored by the UK government. It leaves our Government sitting almost alone on the branch with; Cyprus, Denmark, Ireland & Malta.  Britain´s one million plus expats in Europe call on our Government to follow the lead of the Canadian Government and give us back our right to vote at the next General Election in 2015."

Canadian Government Now Recognises the significance and interests of the Canadian Expatriates!

In a closely parallel situation to the relationship of British expatriates with their National Government, the Canadian Government - till now - has refused to allow their expatriates full life time political representation. THIS RULE HAS BEEN DROPPED with effect from May 13th.
All expatriate Canadians now have the right to vote and be represented in their country. Previously any Canadian resident abroad for more than FIVE years lost their Right to Vote. 
British expatriates lose their Right to Vote after fifteen years of non-residence. For those living in the EU this is particularly galling.

In effect they lose their right of free movement within the European Union in respect of political representation as British Citizens. This point of view was forcibly uttered recently by an EU Vice-President Mme Viviane Reding.

A Canadian State Supreme Court (Ontario) has declared the ban on voting rights as 'arbitrary and unreasonable' and that many expatriate Canadians 'care deeply about their Country'.
Exactly the same can be said in relation to the 15 year ban on Voting for British expatriates.

CLICK HERE to read the article from a Canadian publication.

About Harry Shindler MBE

Harry Shindler (aged 93, residing in Italy) has been fighting this cause on behalf of British Expatriates for many years.
Harry is a veteran of the Anzio Beach Head landing and then moved on with the liberation of Rome in World War 2.
Representative of the ITALY Star Association in Italy.
An activist for the maintenance of and tracing Allied War graves in Italy and quite recently assisted Roger Waters of Pink Floyd in tracing the location of his late father´s grave.

Wwww.votes-for-expat-brits.com  | www.votes-for-expat-brits-blog.com
Twitter: @Voting_Rights | @grahamrichards6

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