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Make your voice count British Nationals!

Make your voice count British Nationals!The Electoral Commission has achieved a much simpler method of individual voter registration on-line. It will be a huge help to getting a voice for the British expatriates in the EU, especially in view of the proposed Referendum.
Unfortunately the 15 year limit still stands. BUT if we could get somewhere around 100,000 people to register I believe it might well result in that 15 year limit lifted!

There are enough pensioners alone in Spain and France to do that - and that is the group which would certainly feel the greatest hardship if the UK drops out of the EU. Healthcare support would cease and it could result in the freezing of the State pension. Re-arrangements of international agreements would have to be made and the outcome would be uncertain.

Make your voice count British Nationals!

Be prepared for the possible British In/Out Referendum – now – yes - right now. Make sure if and when the time comes your voice can count..

You can register online HERE.

The procedure has changed – You only register once in 15 years –  It is easy – It takes only five minutes. It is only done ONCE– within the first 15 years of living abroad .

Do you want to stay in France - Spain - Europe? Then be prepared to say so!

W: www.votes-for-expat-brits.com

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