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An historic day for British ex-patriates

Harry ShindlerThe 2nd December 2014 was an historic day for British ex-patriates. At 12.30 on that day Geoffrey Clifton-Brown M.P. rose from his seat in the House of Commons and proposed a Bill that would give back to 1.5 million expatriates in Europe their Right to Vote. This event alone demonstrates that we had won!

Our case was now before Parliament, and it was made very convincingly.
The Speaker called for opposition - there was none. The Bill now goes forward to be considered again at the next stage on March 6th. I shall be in the House on that day as I was on 2nd December.

It could be that the timing of the General Election blocks all the Bills passing through the House. That would be a cruel fate after all the campaigning. But it can only delay the inevitable – our regaining the Right to Vote.
Arguing whether we vote at the 2015 or 2020 election means we have won. IT IS NOW JUST A MATTER OF TIME.

So that is how we enter the New Year, in the knowledge that our campaign is nearly over. So... a Happy New Year to you all – the British expatriates.

Harry Shindler MBE
Telephone contacts: in London till 15th March 0203 648 7853
In Italy or London on UK mobile 07507 672 086

Harry also send his regrets on hearing of the death of Graham Richards.
He writes:

"It is with sorrow that I write this note on the sudden death if one of the stalwarts in our campaign for the end of the ‘15 year rule’ - Graham Richards, resident in France. I never met Graham, but we spoke often, at length, by phone. His work for ex-pats and our Right to Vote occupied most of his time. He will be sadly missed – but when we finally win our Right to Vote - as win we shall - though Graham will not be with us, he will have played an important part.I know all ex-pats will join with me – Thank you Graham – RIP."

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