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Get voting and registering... Campaign for Votes

Get voting and registering... Campaign for VotesAfter yesterday's TV debate, this morning the leaders of the seven main UK parties have urged people to register to vote before the deadline this Monday, 20 April. So we are also making a last call to overseas voters, who belong to the millions who are not registered to vote in the UK, to register.

Figures on the Electoral Commission's website show that overseas voter registrations have hit the 90,000 mark and rising - around 92,000 by 11 April. There is now a real chance that registrations will hit the campaign's target of at 100,000 for the first time ever, nearly triple the number of overseas registrations previously seen prior to a General Election.
This is larger than some of the largest constituencies in the UK such as Manchester Central, Bristol West and East Ham, and a figure that can no longer be ignored by politicians.

If you have not registered to vote yet, please do so now and forward the link (https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote) by email to all your expat friends and relatives who can still vote, and ask them to register by 20 April so that together we can reach 100,000!

To register to vote, please follow this link by 20 April: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote
(please note that you will then also need to submit a postal or proxy vote application - the deadlines are 21 and 28 April for these).


Brian Cave
le Fourquet, Gourdon, 46300, France

T: +33(0)565 41 42 69
W:  www.lefourquet.net | http://pensionersdebout.blogspot.com | Votes for Britons http://votes-for-expat-brits.com

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0 #2 Ed 2015-04-19 09:54
My proxy vote has conveniently been 'lost' in the past two efforts to vote.

I conclude the system deliberately is designed to repel expat voters. Many are not able to receive, fill in and return ballot papers within the laughable deadline as the variable postal system to some European destinations, taking 3 to 14 days.

Electronic voting would solve the problem in one move.

Overseas voters must face it, the UK government is not at all interested in us voting or there already would be a system to encourage rather than frustrate.

Why can expats not vote by email or use their consulates and embassies?

0 #1 Jacqueline 2015-04-19 08:06
My husband and I have registered to vote, as your article. However, our votes will not count. The papers are being sent out with only 3 days to both reach us by post in Portugal and be returned for counting. Not going to work, is it! :sad:

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