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Election Update from Harry Shindler

Election - MAy 7Below is a letter from Harry Shindler before the Election on May 7th, and some general updates regarding voting and the Winter Fuel Payment.

Letter from Harry Shindler...

Remember 8th May the day after the election, is Victory in Europe DAY -- VE Day. On this day we celebrate the defeat 70 years ago of “The most monstrous regime in history” (W.S.Churchill)
On this day we recall the sacrifice made to rid the world of this evil and to return Freedom, Democracy, and the Right to Vote to the people of Europe.

The day before, May 7th, Britons will be using their right to vote in a General Election.  But there are more than one million British Citizens who are denied the Vote. They are British Citizens who work and live in Europe, but not in the UK.
Ironically, many of those denied the vote were military who took part in a War to defend Britons right to vote and to give back to Europeans, who were denied the vote, their democratic right to vote.
Britain stands almost alone in Europe on this matter.

The Conservative Party have promised that if they win the General Election they will end the “15 year Rule” which denies Expats the Vote. The Labour Party is not clear on exactly what they will do.
The new Government, of whatever composition, must act at once to end this injustice. Not promises – it must be the first act of the Government.

Next year VE Day – the Day that Democracy returns to Europe must be celebrated by ALL British Citizens.

Harry Shindler M.B.E.

VOTING - More than 110,000 Citizens Abroad have applied to register to vote for the election on May 7th. Let us hope they all VOTE!
This is a magnificent advance, not only in numbers but in what those numbers convey. The voice of the British Citizen in the World.
It could persuade a future Government to realise that the Citizens Abroad are important - and I do not mean to grant the governing party power.
It could make the Government realise that a dialogue with the citizens abroad is necessary. That dialogue would not only enhance Britain's message in the World but also the needs of the Citizen Abroad will be heard and responded to. e.g. The frozen pension issue - The health considerations of those in the EU - the tax issues of those who are compelled by law to pay tax to the UK - and of the course the Winter Fuel payment in the EU - and the treaty relationships which affect Expats across the world - why the EU is important to those citizens residing across the Channel.

The Winter Fuel Payment - It is not the amount involved but the sad aggressive discrimination developed under the watch at the DWP of Iain Duncan Smith, which is harming the sick elderly poor amongst us. The following links expands fully the situation in this respect. See www.lefourquet.net/Hardup-dossier.doc.

W: www.winterfuelpayment.info

Brian Cave
le Fourquet, Gourdon, 46300, France
T: +33(0)565 41 42 69

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