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No Vote, No Voice

No Vote, No VoiceTO EVERY BRITISH CITIZEN WORLDWIDE - this concerns every citizen.

Please sign this petition either for your own sake, or for solidarity with the British Citizens in Europe.

No Vote, No VoiceThis petition has arrived today on my desk - but ...I have received emails from Indonesia - South Africa - Canada - Australia - asking "What about us! We want to vote as well."

Some want to retire back to a Europe where they can move freely under EU regulations. None of us want to see Britain become an isolated offshore island.

Remember - having the vote for the Westminster Parliament impinges on the 'frozen pension' issue as well.

This petition DOES NOT demand the use of a UK postcode - for that reason the previous 38 Degrees petition is being annulled.

Please pass on this message widely. It is probably the most important petition for the British Citizen in our lifetime.

Give us our votes back! Let all British citizens living in the EU vote in the EU referendum.

CLICK HERE to sign the petition.

Brian Cave

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