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Portuguese sayings that make absolutely no sense

Portuguese sayings that make absolutely no sensePortuguese is a very rich language in sayings, most of which don’t make sense, especially when literally translated into English. Below check our choice of expressions with the literal translation and their meaning.

Engolir sapos | “Swallow frogs”

Meaning: Accept unpleasant things

Dormir sobre o assunto | “To sleep on the subject”

Meaning: Think/Sleep before you act

Tira o cavalinho da chuva | “Take the little horse from the rain”

Meaning: Don’t count on that!

Muitos anos a virar frangos | “Many years turning chickens”

Meaning: A lot of experience/knowledge

Ter muita lata | “A lot of cans”

Meaning: 100% shameless

Dor de cotovelo | “Elbow ache”

Meaning: To envy

Chatear camões | “Go bother Camões”

Meaning: Go bother someone else / Leave me alone

Soltar a franga | “Release the chicken”

Meaning: Have a lot of fun

Ir com os porcos | “Go with the pigs”

Meaning: Die

Now that you know the meaning of all the expressions we share with you a message from Mar d’Estorias compiling all expressions:

In life, but mainly at work sometimes we need to swallow frogs or sleep on the subject when our boss says for us to take the little horse from the rain; we can have a lot of cans or we turn chickens for many years now but there is always someone with an elbow ache. So, we advise you to send them to bother Camões, release the chicken and enjoy life, because we know that we are all destined to go with the pigs!

About Mar d’Estórias

Mar d’Estórias is a labyrinthic space consisting of shop, café/bistro, art gallery and sea view terrace bar that invites you to experience the best of Portugal.
Mar d’Estórias opened on 17th June 2016 and arose from a desire to create in Lagos a place that is multifunctional and brings together Portuguese culture, tradition and customs by selling products, services and experiences.

For more information visit www.mardestorias.com

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