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Learn Portuguese - Lesson 53

Learn Portuguese

How to say “I must”.

Today we’re going to learn how to say “I must” or “I have to” in Portuguese.

If you want to say “I must” or “I have to” you only have to use the verb “ter” (to have) in the present plus the preposition “de”.


•    I must eat this.
(Eu )tenho de comer isto.

•    We have to study Portuguese.
(Nós) temos de estudar português.

Although is not grammatically correct, we can nowadays also use the expression “ter que”. This expression has become even more common than “ter de”. So, it’s also possible to say:

•    (Eu) tenho que comer isto.
•    (Nós) temos que estudar Português.

Answers from yesterday’s lesson:


2. mota
3. avião
4. táxi
6. paragem de autocarros
9. bicicleta
10. carro
11. estrada
12. porto
14. comboio
15. metro
16. aeroporto
17. barco

1. carrinha
3. autocarro
5. helicóptero
7. estação de comboios
8. submarino
13. navio


Helena Rocha (Portuguese Teacher)
W: www.tradutex.pt


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