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Grocery Shopping in Portuguese - Shop Like A Pro

GROCERY SHOPPING IN PORTUGUESE - SHOP LIKE A PROThis week, Sandra Carapinha, founder of Learn European Portuguese Online offers ADN readers a free, fun and engaging episode on how to shop like a pro for your groceries, in Portuguese.

Today, Sandra brings you a very useful video, so you can go grocery shopping with more confidence. She teaches not only basic supermarket vocabulary, but also associated words used to describe the type of packaging, or how the product is bought. This vocabulary is commonly used by natives and rarely shows up in the Portuguese learning books.

Grocery Shopping in Portuguese

Sandra can also provide One-on-one / Group / Conversational lessons.

W: https://www.learneuropeanportugueseonline.com/

About Sandra

I'm Sandra Carapinha, the founder of Learn European Portuguese Online.

A Portuguese American, bilingual in English and Portuguese that has lived on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. I have a BA in Advertising and Marketing from the Escola Superior de Comunicação Social in Lisbon and worked for several years as an Account Executive at various American and Portuguese Advertising Agencies based in Lisbon.

In 2011, I moved to the US with my family and started tutoring Portuguese. It has become a great passion. Teaching a language and sharing your culture with a diverse international group of students is such a rewarding experience.

I believe each student's needs are unique, therefore, I develop a specific lesson plan based on his or her specific goals. I try to make the lessons as fun and engaging as possible, to keep students motivated and committed. Whatever reason you have to learn Portuguese, I will tailor a lesson plan and teach at your own pace in order to help you achieve your Portuguese language goals.

When I started teaching, one of the most challenging things I faced was the lack of European Portuguese content. So I decided to create my own content platform, focused on high-quality content with a strong creative appeal. Learning a language should be fun and engaging. After working several years in the advertising and branding industry I like to use my knowledge in that field and apply it to teaching a language.


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-2 #1 Stuart Wood 2023-03-30 15:07
Hmmm, don’t you just put it in a basket and head for the check out? Or even more common these days, order online and have delivered to your house? What do we need to talk to anyone for? :lol:

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