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Free Weekly Portuguese Lessons - Learn European Portuguese Online

FREE WEEKLY PORTUGUESE LESSONS - LEARN EUROPEAN PORTUGUESE ONLINEEach week, Sandra Carapinha, founder of Learn European Portuguese Online offers ADN readers a free, fun and engaging lesson online to help you achieve your Portuguese language goals.

FREE Basic Portuguese Language Courses

FREE Basic Portuguese Language CoursesLearn Portuguese for online for FREE! Portuguese is not an easy language to learn, but if you have a little bit of patience with the first lessons, then you will understand the logic and it will make your learning a lot easier as you progress.

Portuguese sayings that make absolutely no sense

Portuguese sayings that make absolutely no sensePortuguese is a very rich language in sayings, most of which don’t make sense, especially when literally translated into English. Below check our choice of expressions with the literal translation and their meaning.

Learn Portuguese - Lesson 56

Learn PortugueseLet’s play? We know that to play is a verb with many meanings depending on the context.

In Portuguese, we have a different verb for each one of those contexts.

Let’s have a close look at some of those contexts:

Learn Portuguese - Lesson 55

Learn Portuguese“Poder” / “Conseguir” – Part 2.

Yesterday we’ve seen how to use “poder” and “conseguir”.

Today we’re going to learn how to conjugate these two verbs in the present tense.

Learn Portuguese - Lesson 54

Learn PortuguesePoder / Conseguir - Part 1.

There are two very similar verbs in Portuguese to translate “to can” or “to be able to”: “poder” and “conseguir”. But when should we use “poder” and when should we use “conseguir”?

Let’s have a close look at these two verbs:

Learn Portuguese - Lesson 53

Learn Portuguese

How to say “I must”.

Today we’re going to learn how to say “I must” or “I have to” in Portuguese.

If you want to say “I must” or “I have to” you only have to use the verb “ter” (to have) in the present plus the preposition “de”.

Learn Portuguese - Lesson 52

Learn Portuguese

Os Transportes (transports).

Today we’re going to learn some vocabulary related to transports in Portuguese with this funny crossword.

Have fun!