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Are you a rental property owner or manager?

Are you a rental property owner or manager?We offer owners and property managers the ideal affordable platform to generate and maximise their rental income. List your property annually with Holidirect and deal direct with your holidaymakers - deposits, security deposit, final payments and all other arrangements are dealt with DIRECTLY by you, the owner/property manager.

We launched on July 1st this year and received our first booking at the beginning of September - since then we have had many more booking requests on a daily basis. Our forthcoming advertising campaign in the UK National press should build on that substantially so we are looking forward to making 2017 a profitable year for all of our clients!

We have listened to our client feedback and have already upgraded our infrastructure to include property pricing in either British Pounds or Euros, and can now receive payment in any currency via Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Paypal.

Our most recent addition is our new Property Manager price structure for those wishing to list more than 5 properties.

How it works

We offer two simple and affordable ways to advertise on Holidirect, allowing you to choose the payment plan that suits you.

OPTION 1 - Annual Fee and nothing more to pay
OPTION 2 - Free 2 year listing with commission payable on bookings

For property managers, or owners of multiple properties we now offer multi-listing discounts when you list 5 or more properties.

 Multi-listing discounts when you list 5 or more properties.

If you don't have the time to input your property details yourself we are happy to do it on your behalf for £10 (€12.50 ) per listing, or £7 (€9) when you list 5 or more properties.

What our customers say so far ...

Seems like a safer system of payments by not storing our bank info in your system. I am already happy with your service. - Jo 

A compliment for the site. Once you understand how it works it´s easy and customer friendly to add a property - John, manager Vista Marina

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the help so far, you really are going the extra mile to help us with advertising our rental properties, your service really is lovely. - Megan, Ideal Homes Portugal

I've just registered with holidirect and found their service excellent - they were very helpful. - Georgina

Please visit www.holidirect.com to see more information, FAQ's and how to list your property.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.

E: info@holidirect.com
W: www.holidirect.com
T: +44 (0)208 123 5767
Facebook: www.facebook.com/holidirect


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