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UK Investors look to EU for fantastic B2L opportunities

UK Investors look to EU for fantastic B2L opportunitiesAccording to research from World First, Portugal is the 3rd best place to invest in buy-to-let property in Europe with an average rental yield of 6.43% and Turkey is the 7th, holding a strong average yield of 5.91%. These yields prove that despite Brexit, investing outside the UK, can bring strong investment returns."

"Portugal’s property market is one of the most bullish in Europe right now, with prices achieving a year-on-year rise of 8% for Q2 2017 (INI). Sales by volume were up too, recording a hike of 16% year-on-year with a total worth of €4.6 billion nationwide for the same three-month period.

Unsurprisingly, Lisbon is driving this growth, with sales in the capital accounting for 48% of the total value of the market. Prices in hot spots in the city have risen by an estimated 30% in the last three years and are expected to continue at 5% per year for the next five years. Lisbon’s rental market is supported by young professionals and entrepreneurs, both Portuguese and foreign. This is thanks to the city becoming a hub for start-ups, but in particular new tech firms, so much so it has been dubbed the ‘San Francisco of Europe’. Julian Walker, MD, Spot Blue International

Here is a fantastic example of a property investment opportunity in Lisbon, Portugal with Spot Blue, please click here to view more opportunities.

Portugal, Lisbon, Chiado -   £614,159

This luxury development belonged to the famous Dukes of Bragança, one of the most recognised noble families of Portugal.

The Chiado district of Lisbon is one of culture, fashion and commerce. It is an area of many different scenes and this diversity is one of the main reasons it is so popular with international buyers.

• 1 bedroom apartmentPortugal, Lisbon, Chiado -   £614,159
• Views over Tagus River
• Fully renovated
• 80.31 sqm
• High ceilings, high end finishes
• 3 min walking from Rua Garrett
• Delivery Q1 2018
• Parking available

CLICK HERE for more details

When buying a property overseas the exchange rate can make a big difference. Just look at how sterling has fallen almost 20% against the euro since the Brexit decision! But it’s not just sterling which has fallen over the past year. Turkish Lira (TRY) has also weakened considerably since 2016, falling about 18% against the USD and 15.5% against the GBP (Smart Currency).”

“Such a fall is making Turkey an even more attractive place for overseas purchasers to buy property as the weaker the TRY is against the GBP, EUR and USD, the cheaper it is for overseas buyers to buy.
Istanbul is a vibrant metropolis where many different cultures collide and co-exist. With an estimated population of around 14 million (in 2014), it is the world’s sixth largest city, and while there has been widespread internal migration, it also attracts a significant number of foreign migrants from Europe, the Middle East and further afield. Expatriates who buy Istanbul Property and make Istanbul their home are drawn to a chance to live in a bustling city with an impressive history and easy access to both the Eastern and Western worlds.”

“The demand for real estate from Middle Eastern investors stayed stable throughout last year, but 2017 has seen massive interest, with foreign property sales in July 2017 increasing over 66 percent compared to the same month in 2016.
Of the 1,720 properties sold in July, more than a third were sold to residents from Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait- proving that Turkey is becoming a great place to invest. Julian Walker, MD, Spot Blue International

Below is a fantastic example of a property investment opportunity in Istanbul, Turkey with Spot Blue, please click here to view more opportunities.

Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey - £140,299

Istanbul, Marmara, Turkey - £140,299The project is situated far away from visual and noise pollution of the city, it overlooks the beautiful Marmara Sea and offer residents green spaces, landscaped gardens and tranquil areas for residents to enjoy.

Another unique benefit of this project is that it is located along the marina shoreline with use of 1.5 kilometres of seaside space, covering a total area of 1.5 million square metres.

• Two spacious bedrooms, one bathroom
• Balconies, terraces with marina & sea views
• Fantastic central location, close to transport links
• Next to Shops, restaurants, cafes, mall, amenities & facilities

CLICK HERE for more details

Spot Blue International Property
T: 0208 339 6036
W: https://www.internationalpropertyforsale.com

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