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The Benefits of Living in a Resort

The Benefits of Living in a ResortHave you ever imagined living in a quiet, elegant and stress-free place? A place where at the end of a long day you can take a dip in the pool, take the kids to the park with complete safety, or play tennis? Living in luxury has unique advantages and doesn’t cost that much!

We give you the benefits of buying a property in a resort, whether to live or for investment:

Quiet nights’ sleep with guaranteed security
Domestic security is not negotiable, same as your peace of mind. All our resorts have a security team to monitor common areas.

Leisure and entertainment without leaving home
If you choose one of our Praia da Luz resorts - Baía da Luz (www.baiadaluz.com) or Estrela da Luz (www.estreladaluz.com) - you have the vibrant Luz centre at your doorstep, with a supermarket, bars, restaurants and a pharmacy, all nearby. However, having unlimited access to the pool, tennis courts and extensive manicured gardens for relaxation is priceless. You will not need to leave the house to have fun and be distracted; relax without needing to take the car out of the garage.

The Benefits of Living in a ResortWrapped in nature
Studies show that green spaces are beneficial in the long run for human health. At our resorts, you do not need to go out into the countryside to ensure you are surrounded by the wonders of nature. Extensive gardens surround the properties and convey tranquillity. Our best example is the green spaces of Jardim da Meia Praia that we invite you to visit (www.jardimdameiapraia.com)

No worries
Living in one of our resorts also means that you are free of domestic duties, such as taking care of the garden, cleaning the pool, repainting the walls, etc. Our employees do these and other tasks like helping with any maintenance needed inside your house - looking for the best quotes and supervising any maintenance works.

With all the excellent facilities and associated benefits, we offer you a fantastic value for money option. Find below testimonial of Alan Bristeir, property owner at Baía da Luz, on the subject:

The thing that really impressed me was the design and built quality. (…) it lasted 10 years, and it seems that it just came out of the box. (…) Everything was taken over properly since the arrival of CDBResorts…, for instance, the beautifully manicured gardens. You need to look at the quality of the work! It is properly cared for. (…) If I were in England and something needed to be done, I know that they will look after our best interests. We live in England, and the service we get here, for the same money, it is far better. (…) When you walk through the door everything is clean, towels are laid, there’s water and milk in the fridge. So, when we come here it’s a pleasure.”

About CDBResorts

CDBResorts.com was established in 2010 to manage 3 existing resorts: Jardim da Meia Praia, resort in Meia Praia, Lagos (www.jardimdameiapraia.com), Estrela da Luz and Baía da Luz, both resorts in Praia da Luz (www.estreladaluz.com and www.baiadaluz.com). This management group, CDRBresorts, is a resort management company that has come to excel for the excellence of the facilities, but mainly the offer of services and care that provides to its guests.


+2 #1 Susan Green 2018-06-03 11:47
Yes, all that plus the screams and shrieks of the children round the pool, the music blaring out, the braying of the British drinking out on the terraces late at night, the guitar strumming, the slamming of car doors and revving of engines....Can't wait.