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Pure Portugal Newsletter June 2018

Pure Portugal Newsletter June 2018Welcome to the latest Pure Portugal Newsletter - a roundup of what's been happening on the website, facebook, and in the office.

This month we are bringing you our newsletter in the form of a Tiny Homes Special! We have spent a lot of time making contacts and gathering a great group of beautiful tiny homes spaces which you can either use as your full time living accommodation or for guests and to rent out and bring in some extra money. Clicking on the boxes below will take you through to more details on each style of tiny home we offer, so you can find out from the people who make them what they are like to live in and how they might fit into your life.

We also have a blog which offers advice on how to downsize, whether it's to fit into a tiny home or just in order to make your move to Portugal. And last but not least we would love to put out a call to action from those of you who have a dry, empty secure space or building and are interested in allowing people to use this space for storage for their belongings during and after their move. Make some extra money with little effort required, we will share your details in our services directory and on our Facebook Group - Living The Good Life which is now over 19,000 people strong!. Contact us on advertise@pureportugal.co.uk to find out more about advertising your space for storage with us today.

HANDY TIP: Did you know there's a direct link to see all the latest property listings added to the Pure Portugal website within the last week? www.pureportugal.co.uk/properties/latest-properties

Featured Property

CATA57: Três Moinhos

3 mills and several annexes for renovation. Land with 8,500m2 and a dam.

57,000 euros
Pure Portugal EN

Raphael Silvares Jerónimo, from Ecositana shares his knowledge on permits for Tiny Homes in Portugal.

Pur Portugal FR

Lisez le dernier article sur notre blog Pur Portugal (notre site soeur en français). Our latest French blog.


With tipis, their magic and beauty means far more than just their appearance.


Many people use yurts on their land, both as a primary residence or a space to use for events.


The beauty of these structures is striking: equal parts natural simplicity, and futuristic mystique.

Pods and Huts

The perfect option as either an eco-home, a self contained rental or a workspace.


Moving country, and into a smaller space is the perfect excuse to shed your unneeded 'stuff'

Wanted Service

Got an empty secure space? Make extra cash by contacting us today. All regions in Portugal considered!

Featured Rental

Monte Arneirinha

The 100 year old estate of Monte Arneirinha is situated in unspoilt authentic countryside about a half hour drive North of Faro Airport


See all properties at www.pureportugal.co.uk

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