Life Goes On In The Algarve

LIFE GOES ON IN THE ALGARVEWith lockdowns now in force over much of Europe, Portugal’s prime minister Antonio Costa addressed the nation on Saturday evening outlining the government’s localised partial lockdown plans which exclude almost the entire Algarve.

In fact, the small Algarve borough of São Brás de Alportel only made it onto the “red” list as a result of having such as small population and a controlled outbreak at a local nursing home. But across the Algarve, shops and restaurants are still open and life goes on pretty much as we have become used to under the “new normal”.

Faro Airport is open as usual and although the number of flights is now considerably reduced, we still have some 20 departures and arrivals per day from countries such as the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands. 

Looking to buy? Or maybe rent?

We are still experiencing strong demand from buyers with enquiries at an all-time high. Our offices are open (with all health precautions in place) and we are still carrying out viewings as usual, either in person or remotely for those buyers who can not travel at the moment. We are also seeing more and more demand from buyers who wish to spend some or all of the winter here, no doubt to escape cooler climes and life in lockdown. So we have taken it upon ourselves to help our clients to find suitable properties for rent during the winter. Just send us your requirements and we will be happy to help you find your winter let.


Central & West Algarve (Praia do carvoeiro): +351 282 354 140
Central Algarve & Golden Triangle (Almancil): +351 289 396 096
East Algarve (Tavira): +351 281 023 263


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