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How To Become a Real Estate Agent Abroad: Full Package of Documents

HOW TO BECOME A REAL ESTATE AGENT ABROAD: FULL PACKAGE OF DOCUMENTSBeing a Real Estate Agent is, for many, nothing short of the American Dream: you work hard and reap massive benefits. However, as the housing market crashes in the recent decades tell us, the job of a real estate agent is also full of insecurities and volatility. The only solution seems to expand the services and to do so internationally.

International Real Estate Agent Prerequisites

But what does it take to become a real estate agent abroad and to work with international clients?

  1. Education.
  2. International Real Estate Agent Certification and Licenses (Separate per Country / Area).
  3. Experience is a must.
  4. Certified International Property Specialist, CIPS Certification.
  5. Country / Area of Interest.
  6. Establishing your Network of Local Specialists.

19751 1Education Above All

Staying atop any field takes a tremendous amount of effort, and education is not an exception here. Having the right mindset will set you to the stars as you learn about all the new developments in the field. If you find a particular read, do not hesitate to hire translation services New York City to get the best possible translation on the matter that interests you. The fields you should be concerned with regard law, marketing, investment, property appraisal, cultural developments, local customs, and regulations that may influence your work one way or another.

International Real Estate Agent Certification and Licenses

To become a real estate agent, selling real estate in FL or other states in the USA means that you should have the necessary formal education. To be a real estate agent, you will mostly need a high school diploma and certain certificates and licenses that apply in your local area. Always contact the nearest municipality office and make sure you have what you need to have a legal job from the very beginning. You should also consult a lawyer to make sure that all your credentials are right and that you have all it takes to start swimming in the lucrative waters of real estate.

Experience Is a Must

A real estate agent without experience is not a real estate agent at all. While in high school or college, you should apply for internships in real estate agencies. A lot of these internships are not paid. Still, it would help if you focused on the long-term benefits they bring to you - being able to gain experience and one day say that you’ve managed to sell an X number of properties before your first official day as a real estate agent is worth a fortune.

Country / Area of Interest

Choosing one or two areas of interest (our recommendation is one), you should be able to specialize in that area only. Being focused on one area will make you an expert in the field. Always be ready for a lot of translation, but make sure you understand what needs to be known about legal document translation. Choosing to sell properties in Greece internationally, for example, will give you ample time and resources to learn the trade and benefit from the horizontal expansion rather than vertical. Always remember that a Jack of all trades is a master of none.


Focusing on one and one area only will also give you a valuable chance to meet the locals and get to know the culture and mentality. This can be of invaluable experience as you get an amazing chance to meet and talk to other real estate agents and agencies. Over time, you should strive to establish your network of local agents who would work with you for a certain percentage of the profit. This will save you a lot of time and help you achieve your professional goals much faster.


Being a real estate agent can be a very lucrative career, especially in international property selling. Expanding in this direction will make you more successful and put you under a lot of strain because only those who work extra long and extra hours can say that they are on top of the field. Continuing education is the most vital step on the way to becoming an international real estate agent.

Barbara Fielder

Barbara Fielder has an international background and tries to benefit from it as much as possible. Besides traveling and learning as much as she can about foreign cultures and mentality, she also benefits professionally. Being able to educate herself in three languages puts her at the top of her field.


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