How to get your Full Security Deposit Back in 2022

HOW TO GET YOUR FULL SECURITY DEPOSIT BACK IN 2022Renters who are planning to move out of their rental property often worry that they won’t get their full security deposit back when the landlord or their property manager comes to do a final inspection. 

If you are moving into a new rental, or you have just bought a new home, then it is of vital importance that you get your hard-earned money back. But a lot of landlords will do whatever it takes to hold onto their tenant’s deposit. If you don’t manage to get your security deposit back, you could find yourself in financial difficulty and you might not be able to afford to move into a new place. 

Read Your Lease Agreement

When you first moved in, both you and your landlord would have signed a lease agreement. Well before your lease comes to an end, find the agreement and read it. This legally binding document should provide you with lots of information about how to get your security deposit back. 

If you haven’t given your landlord notice that you're moving out of the rented property, the lease agreement should provide you with the number of days notice you have to give them. If you are renting an apartment, you can expect to give at least 30 days' notice, however, this is always the case. 

If you fail to give the landlord proper notice, you might be forced to pay another month’s worth of rent. On top of this, you might have to wait a little longer to get your deposit back. A lot of renters make this mistake, and it can end up costing them a small fortune. 

Clean the Property

Leaving the rented property in immaculate condition is key to getting your deposit back. If you are not confident with your cleaning skills, consider hiring professionals to give the property a deep clean. There are professionals like these end of tenancy cleaners London, who specializes in getting tenants their security deposit back. They will have the proper cleaning tools on hand, and cleaning products to make your rental look brand new. 

It might be tempting to clean the property yourself, but if you have struggled to keep it in good shape while you were living there, it might prove challenging doing it all by yourself. If you are not in the financial position to hire a professional cleaning service, consider asking some friends to help you out. 

One last deep clean can take longer than you might expect, so having a second pair of hands might help you get the job done properly. 

Ask Your Landlord for Advice

If you have a healthy relationship with your landlord, why not ask them for advice on how you can get your deposit back when you hand in your notice. Ask them to take a walk around the property before they arrive for the final inspection. They might write a list of the things that need to be done, such as repairs and cleaning certain areas. 

Keep in mind that most landlords will want new tenants moving in immediately after you have moved out, so they don’t lose out on rent. If you work together with your landlord, you can prepare the rental property for the new tenants. Most landlords will be happy that you have followed their guidelines, and it might encourage them to give you the deposit. 

Don’t Forget Anything

If you leave old furniture, boxes with items, or anything else that your landlord will have to pay to move them or dispose of, they might pay for it out of your deposit. If you don’t need the old furniture, instead of getting rid of it, ask your landlord if they want to keep it. If they don’t, then you have to move it in case it ends up costing you money. You might even be able to sell the furniture online, or at your local second-hand store. 

Also, don’t forget to give the landlord all of the original keys they gave you when you first moved in. If you have lost any of the keys, make sure you get new keys cut. If you forget to give the landlord the keys, they might replace the locks, which also might come out of your security deposit. 


Preparation is very important when moving out, so don’t leave everything until the last minute. If you lead a busy lifestyle, try to take a day off to focus on cleaning and preparing your rented property. If you are under a lot of pressure to get the rental in good shape, you are bound to make mistakes. 

You might have to remind your landlord to give you your deposit back. If you forget to ask them, don’t expect them to give it to you. Some landlords with multiple properties tend to forget, so don’t forget to follow up on your deposit. 


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