The most non-Turkish area of Alanya is Mahmutlar

THE MOST NON-TURKISH AREA OF ALANYA IS MAHMUTLARMahmutlar is an area that at the same time is considered as a separate mini-town. Although, it is significantly different from other parts of Alanya, Mahmutlar is actually the same as Castel or Oba.

However, this town has one distinctive feature: this area is loved more than others by those who choose Turkey as a country to move to. Is it profitable to buy real estate in Mahmutlar? Read more about this area in this article.


Mahmutlar is a mini-city within the big city 

Mahmutlar is really a self-sufficient area, where there is everything, you need for life. Shops and supermarkets, cafes and restaurants, well-developed social infrastructure and an excellent beach. You can live in Mahmutlar and do not even remember that there are other areas of Alanya. It is one more factor that it is attractive for newly-made residents of Turkey.

However, not all foreigners buy real estate in Mahmutlar and are eager to live here, as there are a large percentage of investors who buy apartments for rent to tourists. However, by the large number of non-Turkish voices, including out of season, it can be understood that there is a large part of foreigners who move here for a permanent residence.

Life in Mahmutlar

Mahmutlar is a quiet and family-friendly neighborhood. There are many children and teenagers here who do not stay at home on the Internet, but play active games on the street and ride bicycles. There are also a sufficient number of pensioners, including people from other countries who have chosen Mahmutlar for a peaceful life.

Although there are many family residents, it does not mean that young couples and single foreigners avoid moving to Mahmutlar. You can also often meet young people in the area: they walk in parks, sit on terraces and indulge in all kinds of entertainment that are possible on the Mediterranean coast.

An interesting fact: in Mahmutlar, there are practically no tourists who walk from the beach across the city in swimming trunks. First of all, this is due to the fact that the hotels are located along the coastline. By the way, in Oba, such vacationers are found all the time.

Mahmutlar: expectation and reality

In some cases, foreigners are wary of Mahmutlar because of its distance from the center. However, it is worth coming. The most avid lover of nightlife cannot fall in love with this atmosphere.

It is also worth understanding: if you hear information about the most inexpensive apartments in Alanya, then be sure, 90% guarantee that we are talking about Mahmutlar. Moreover, the low price in this case is due to far location. The quality of construction, Mahmutlar does not lag behind other towns in the region.

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