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Lights, Holidays, and Action!

LIGHTS, HOLIDAYS, AND ACTION!As we step into December with the bluest of skies, and just enough chill to light the fire and/or turn on the heating, those who spend time in the Algarve during the Winter know that they have stumbled upon a privileged moment in time and space.

As lights and decorations surround our towns, so does the growing excitement for the moment we can celebrate the conclusion of another year, in the company of family and friends.

What is the holiday season like in the safest country in Europe? Well you can easily get caught up in a Christmas shopping whirlwind, with various big shopping centers with all the main brands, and a great selection of walking street shops and “Arts & crafts” fairs. But Peace and good will continue to be the main theme.

Various local and international shows and performances, as well as gastronomical experiences are also on the menu.

But perhaps the most exciting part of this season is that we still have plenty of activity in the real estate market. Have you included buying property is on your Christmas shopping list?

As always, we will be happy to assist and accompany you 7 days a week.

Check out property portfolio at https://www.exclusivealgarvevillas.com/

Contact us at...

Rua Ernesto Cabrita,
Edificio Vales Loja A
8400-387 Lagoa
T. +351 282 353 019 / +351 918 024 082

Rua Dr. José Francisco Tello Queiroz
Lote 3, Loja R
8600-707 Lagos
T. +351 282 353 019 / +351 918 024 082

Av. Tivoli, Conjunto Varandamar,
Corpo B, Bloco 3, R/C Esq.
8125-465 Vilamoura
T. +351 289 321 276 / +351 918 024 082

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