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Simplex 2024 - New planning and urban laws

SIMPLEX 2024 - NEW PLANNING AND URBAN LAWSAs part of the ongoing process to reduce bureaucracy and simplify administrative processes in Portugal (known as Simplex), a series of alterations have been implemented at the start of 2024. Some of these changes came into force immediately, with the other alterations being phased in over time.

The law that relates to this is decreto-lei 10/24, and if you want some bedtime reading you can read it here: Decreto-Lei n.º 10/2024 | DR (diariodarepublica.pt)

Why did it have to change?

Anyone that works in architecture, construction or real estate in Portugal knows that the urban planning and approval system was inherently flawed, slow, unwieldy, complicated and operated within its own timescales. One of the results of this was uncertainty as to when construction could start and how long it would take to gain approvals. In turn this created stagnation in the property market, and a reluctance to take on new build projects from both investors and private owners. It was clear that something had to change, and the Portuguese government took the “go big or go home” approach, changing the entire planning process within the new law.

These alterations are being driven by a need to increase the amount of residential property for sale, and make the process of building or altering a residential property quicker and cheaper.

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