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Algarve Windmill home 'For Sail'

Windmill and 2 millers cottages For SaleThis completely unique Windmill and 2 millers cottages is set in a rural location at Sao Marcos da Serra, and is for sale at €159,000.

Although now beautifully renovated, the windmill itself is original and dates from the 1940’s.

Inside, many of the original features have been preserved including the wheel mechanism and the grinding mill stone which is now a table. There is a traditional wood-burning stove which provides ample heat for the building which has very thick walls. An artisanal wooden balcony was built to compliment the circular windmill structure and provides another platform from which to enjoy the 360 degree views.

Windmill and 2 millers cottages is set in a rural location at Sao Marcos da Serra, and for sale at €159,000The newly renovated miller’s cottages are two separate dwellings under one roof using the original stones from the ruined cottage. One cottage has been finished and has a kitchen and shower bathroom.

The gardens surrounding the cottages and windmill have also been carefully cultivated to benefit the environment around them. An ancient cork tree shades the terraced cottage garden while palms, oleanders and various cacti are also taking root. A cesspit and 7 water tanks have been put in place.

This windmill sits atop a steep hill with the most incredible far reaching vistas. From this location the night skies are incredibly clear as there is no light pollution. Evenings throw a magical light on the views that reach as far as the coast one way and across the border for miles in the other.

Surrounding the plot is the hilly natural landscape of the Algarve countryside with lofty Eucalyptus, pines, cistus bushes and various flora and fauna natural to the region. It is a good place to study the wildlife, enjoy long walks or write a novel in complete peace.

CLICK HERE to see more details.

This property is an exciting grass-roots project with solar panels and generators currently providing the energy. With all the necessary facilities now in place it is ready to provide three separate rental accommodations for rural tourism.

It needs someone to take it to the next level and the result will undoubtedly offer something completely unique in the Algarve.

For more details of this villa contact Ideal Homes Portugal on 0800 133 7644 or visit their website at www.idealhomesportugal.com.

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