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Solar da Cogula - C17th Manor House for €230,000

Casa da CogulaSoalr da Cogula is a private manor house with a small walled garden and a pool. The property has not been used for a few years and represents a big opportunity for those wanting to set up home in the Guarda area, or to run an tourist accommodation business.

The solar is an ancient and traditional Portuguese manor house built in the 17th century and enlarged in middle of the 18th century.

Partially restored the house sits in a rural area of well-preserved landscape located between two of the greatest Portuguese national parks: Serra da Estrela and Douro International - a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Interestingly, the manor house still has an old candle factory from the time before electricity and all the old equipment is still in situ.

Nearby are numerous monuments such as the Côa Valley - another UNESCO site, the village of Marialva which is a National Monument, the regional capital Guarda and Viseu near the border with Spain.

This house is ideal for a private property or as a tourism investment near Alto Douro Region under the Vineyard Tourism Organisation scheme. There is the additional possibility of EU support under the Côa Castles programme (http://raiahistorica.org/).

This noble manor house is constructed of granite and has the original wooden ceilings in its main rooms.

The entire roof recently has been lifted, repaired, insulated and the original tile relaid.

Total constructed area: 603 m2
Building area: 343m2
Total area: 638m2
Price: €230,000

For further details or to arrange a visit, contact


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