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Living in harmony with nature - free living for life

Living in harmony with natureWe recently wrote about an opportunity for you or your family to relocate to 'the quintessential good life'.

A recent change in the ecological nature reserve ( REN ) boundaries covering our site, and just published into law by our local Camara, has opened up a better and more favourable location within the site mainly from an easier access and lower construction cost point of view, as well as the opportunity to create a man made lake to set the healthy living hotel and eco-lodges around, the intention now is to resubmit plans to construct at this new and better location within our site instead of our original submission.

CLICK HERE to READ first article.

Whilst originally intending to start on the sustainable organic permaculture farm after we got final planning permission, because of the inevitable delay this new submission will have we have now decided to press on developing the permaculture side of the project and set in motion the early stages of preparing the land, planting crops and fruit trees, setting up a greenhouse complex as well as allocating suitable land area for chickens and maybe for goats for milk etc.

To that end we are proposing to invite a small number of potential long term residents ( who may not be in a financially viable position to acquire long term accommodation in the normal way ) to set up a temporary home on the land I.E. caravans or yurts or whatever is suitable living accommodation for individuals or couples who can help get the organic permaculture farm up and running on a sustainable basis ready for the future use of the healthy living hotel and long term residential eco lodges.

This initial invitation would be for a cost free site for caravans etc. as well as for all the food grown on site, so apart from an agreed amount of working time for the benefit of the long term project there will be the potential to turn this into a long term sweat equity type opportunity with permanent accommodation in the future for those individuals or couples who can fit in well with the overall synergy and long term goals of the project.

We are also looking into the possibility of offering a small number of people the opportunity to acquire a long term stake in the project as an equity shareholder, one of the main benefits from this equity stake would be in the form of free food and accommodation for life, with no council taxes to pay no vat no home insurance etc. this is a very special offer which will only be open for a limited number of people.

As an equity shareholder all food and beverages derived from the permaculture farm would be free, with meals available in the hotel dining room, all water and waste disposal as well as solar energy would be free and even after 10, 20 or more years of this no cost living, (apart from personal items like clothes, toiletries etc. and your own transport) you will get a full refund of the initial shareholding to pass onto your children or whoever or just spend it on having a good time whilst in the meantime probably having saved up a considerable nest egg from taking advantage of this no cost living opportunity.

Whilst the new detailed planning permission is being processed for the healthy living hotel and eco lodges we have the old farmhouse which already has historic permission to be rebuilt and which will be reconstructed and converted into several self contained individual apartments for the use of early equity investors who want to take up this offer of free living for life.

As Mark Twain once famously said “Buy land, they're not making it anymore.” or as is the case here you can invest in land that will be highly productive, has almost limitless underground fresh water resources as well as huge runoff potential which can be retained with a series of dams and lakes and which is located in one of the sunniest areas of Europe as well as being in an area of outstanding natural beauty centred in the middle of an ecological nature reserve, with the added benefit of a 1500 meter river frontage teeming with a wide variety of fish.

Please email torvec2015@gmail.com for more details if you are interested in either of these offers, which by their nature need to be strictly limited in the number of places that can be made available.

The opportunity to create a man made lake to set the healthy living hotel and eco-lodges around

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