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Eastern Algarve Residential Real Estate Report 2018Welcome to the results and report of the ILM Eastern Algarve Residential Real Estate, undertaken in the summer 2018.

ILM collaborated with twelve leading Eastern Algarve real estate agencies in undertaking the survey, resulting in this report and the key market intelligence and understanding contained therein.

CLICK HERE to read the Eastern Algarve Residential Real Estate Report 2018


Detached 4 Bedroom Family Villa With Pool For Sale, Lagos AlgarveThis traditional style modern built villa with private pool and garage is located in a peaceful residential area of Lagos, Algarve. It has a private pool, huge basement/workshop area and garage.

Situated close to many Algarve beaches and golf courses, plus the international schools and town centre, it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the Algarvean lifestyle, as a permanent family home or as a holiday home.

Palmares – An exclusive project in a unique locationThe investment in Palmares Beach & Golf Resort is an opportunity of a lifetime in a setting inspired by the philosophy of good living. The 22 plots to develop tailor-built detached villas with 180-degree panoramic views to the ocean were launched in an integrated resort of golf, luxury tourism and supported by 5-star hotel services: “these properties are unique (…) we have the opportunity to develop unique properties with sea views which is very rare”, mentions António Pinto Coelho, Operations General Director of Palmares.

Where to buy an overseas property in 2019With Brexit decisions and implications clearly on the horizon, trying to predict which road the overseas property market is going to go down this year is not easy.

Looking back at 2018, it was an interesting year with the traditionally popular countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the USA being quite steady, with no dramatic uplift in any of the countries.

AustraliaMapYes, the Australian property market is falling, and this can only get worse because the basis of the market has been turned on its head, and that which made it such a wonderful punt in the past, is now turning into a game of musical chairs, and more and more people are finding they have nowhere left to sit, and they are going bust.

As the people go bust so do the mortgage companies. As the mortgage companies go bust so do the banks and the whole underlying fabric of society, writes property investor, John Clare.