Have you incurred huge fines for missed A22 toll payments?

Readers views...We'd like to hear about your experiences. Do you know of, or have you heard of huge fines being imposed on people for unpaid A22 tolls?

One reader tells us, "I received a letter giving me a fine from a toll that had not been paid in 2015, the original payment should have been 6€, which I had tried to pay after the journey at my local post office, I had gone to Vilamoura and back on the A22, but was told in the Post Office that only one part of the journey was on the system and that's all I could pay for. After that I forgot about it along with a couple of other times and then got a transponder, now according to this company I owe them 135€ just for one missed payment! I have heard nothing since that time until I recieved the letter. I've asked around locally and have heard horror stories of people having to pay fines of between 1300€ and 5000€ and being threatened with courts and closed bank accounts, all because the toll system was not working properly at the time."

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