Keep your spirits up despite this dreadful time!

Wil's bamboo creaturesFrom 1996 the Algarve is the place where I have spent the winter. It started with 6 weeks and up until last time it was 4 months. In a one  room apartment, not very glamorous but with a first class view, seafront, beautiful !

As I was a good walker we walked with between 2 and 6 people, from station to station every other day. That gave a certain structure to our life here. Now, in coronavirus times it is different.

People I walked with did not come, either they did not dare or waited until the times got better, or they could not come because first the flights stopped and than the travel agency they came with did not travel anymore.

I was lucky because I was here a week before flights stopped. And we could still go where ever we wanted to by bus or train, and shops and restaurants were still open, - that was not the case in Holland, where I come from.

But than came Christmas!  And in January the lockdown! Suddenly there were gates in front of the entrance to the beach!

Just before that closure I found some bamboo roots on the beach and they helped me to spend the time doing something I enjoyed doing when the beach was forbidden and shops and restaurants closed. I saw something in those roots and with paint I made some strange figures and they made me laugh!

And I think that is important, keep your spirits up despite this dreadful time!


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