Shocking Absorbers!

SHOCKING ABSORBERS!Eight years ago I acquired a car, by acquired I don’t mean I nicked it, I was given it. The car sounded a bit clunky at the rear end and I immediately thought, shock absorbers.

Several of my friends rode in the car and they all said, shock absorbers. The car was due for an M.O.T so I thought best leave it for the professionals to give me a prognosis. It sailed past its test and did so for the next 3 years, but this year it failed on the front shock absorbers, due to the fact that I’d struck a kerb and damaged one. I took it to the garage and had two new ones fitted at the front. When I picked the car up the garage man said,

‘Did you know the rear ones are knackered as well?’

I took it for a re-test whereupon it sailed through yet again and, reaching the end of the test, I enquired as to why it had passed when I knew the rear shock absorbers were defunct. Apparently, the bit that chucks you about and makes you feel sea sick, measures the parity between both wheels and if they are equally worn out that’s ok. So don’t be fooled by that bit of paper! What it says is that all four corners of your car are in an equal state of disrepair!

So if you haven’t had you’re brakes, shock absorbers or anything to do with the wheels replaced for a few years I suggest you have them checked. You could be driving around in a death trap.

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