You’re not a computer

YOU’RE NOT A COMPUTERI seldom write here about other than Algarve/Alentejo issues. This time it is about an excellent book, YOU´RE NOT A COMPUTER, by Carlos Lopes, by Amazon. Lopes is an IT-engineer and pianist, married to Nela Vicente, who had exhibitions in many countries and designed this book-cover.

With a simple language, plenty of examples and sentences at the end of each chapter to make us memorise the essence of the chapter, Lopes tells us that although we use our programmed logics to do simple tasks, we also have capacity to improve our other brain+emotional abilities.

Good example: “during the night sleeping, there are people who have respiratory stops, unknowingly, due to organic dysfunctions, such as obesity, apnea, or psychological issues, such as anxiety”. And “70% of what goes in and out of our bodies daily is through breathing. In reality, there are 5 to 15 thousand litres of air that we exchange, every day, with the outside”.

Lopes proposes “oximeters, that measure oxygen in the blood, are now as common as sphygnometers were formerly used to measure blood pressure”.

Short summaries after each chapter are easy to remember. As “You are programmable , repetitive emotions. Our behaviour and our health, physical/ mental, depend on the way we manage them. But we are not our behaviour. Nor do the others. They were just programmed repeatedly and emotionally to do so. And it can be improved”.

Lopes tells details which make us better understand our real world. “When a miracle happens we always have the attitude of explaining it with rational logic. And ignore it right away. But, if we are with the proper attention, they are happening every day. The so-called coincidences...

‘We know that we are doing well when everyone wins. And here again, the idea that we are deeply interconnected. That we are all one.”

You’re Not a Computer makes us understand the giga-potential use of our brains and feelings to make a better world, material and immaterial, for all of us. YES, WE CAN – TOGETHER!!!

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