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Via Verde - racial discrimination and equality

VIA VERDE - RACIAL DISCRIMINATION AND EQUALITYNo EU country charges any foreign national vehicle differently for driving its highways. Portugal is different - highway robbery!!

Via Verde contravenes EU law on equality, discrimination and racism.

I am  a regular tourist in a Spanish registered car with a Via Verde transponder for Portuguese highways.  My SUV  car model is rated as Class 1, but Via Verde charge it as Class 2 – a bus!  The tariff is about double that of Class 1. 

Via Verde explained to me in person that it is their practice to “Charge double for foreign registered cars”, compared to a Portuguese car.

I argued this is in contravention of EU laws on Fundamental Rights.  The response was a pleasant shoulder shrug; the short necked syndrome I call it.

I have formulated an official complaint enlisting the FRA ( EU Fundamental Rights Agency) into pressurising Via Verde to conform, maybe with a fine.  Nemesis!

This blog article has been provided by a collaborating author, published for our readers enjoyment. The views and opinions expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of the Algarvedailynews.com team, and the facts should always be verified by the reader!


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0 #1 John Cowan 2022-07-30 21:22
Who in their right mind would charge double for a foreign-registered car? Do they not realise that Portugal has a very high economic dependency on foreign visitors? Somebody who made this decision in Via Verde is crazy, or stupid, or both! An official complaint is completely justified.

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