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Composite valley in the Algarve

Composite valley in the Algarve.Many of us, expatriates, work or have worked with high tech. Many adults and most of youngsters think this has to do with informatics, AI, etc. This is still valid, but will not be true in the future.

All over the world people will strive for a better environment, less pollution. We all know how bad the production of cement, iron, steel, aluminum, paper, wooden products, plastics, rubber is for it.

Many still believe we can continue making those products, diminishing a few percent of the damage in the environment. Many experts in chemistry and physics, for some thirty years ago, started to use laser to split cells of different materials into atoms and, again with laser melt them together into a blended material, called composite.

Differently from iron, cement, wood, etc, which has some specifics in weight, insolation, density, strength to different forces, we can construct a composite according to the desire of each industry, blending different atoms onto different cells. For instance, up to a few years ago bus and railway wagons had its upper-structure in thin steel sheets. Some of those parts were later made by HDPVC, High Density PVC.

Now, in order to bring down a 110 Ton wagon which takes 10 Ton of passengers, composites are used, cutting by half those 110. This year the infra-structure (wheels, etc) will have a different shape, using HSS, High Strength Steel, cutting down to 25-30 Ton per useful 10 Ton. Very soon we will reach 15-20 Ton in composites for useful 10 Ton. This will bring no need of rails, a five-wagon train/tram, two long, at the ends, three short, in the middle, will run on a normal road, turn into city centers, back do the road, no need for rails, electricity, as they will use VHV, very high voltage at the main stations, to charge batteries for their work.

The world of research focus mainly on general, theoretical research. Experts who transform dreams on reality love the South of California or Florida. In Europe we have the Algarve, where 80,000 foreign technicians would love to invest some time a week to support this kind of developing composites, to make life easier and healthier.


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