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Is religion relevant today?

IS RELIGION RELEVANT TODAY?Our modern society likes to proclaim itself to be multicultural and secular, and the direction seems to be a future without old-fashioned religious ballast where science is the tool for constant progress and prosperity, happiness for everything and everyone.

Yes, science has done a lot of good and made material prosperity, better healthcare, etc. possible. But, and here a giant question mark needs to be painted, at what price? And why isn't man "happier" anyway?  Loneliness, mental illness escalates like never before, drugs and crime, acts of violence and vandalism, unsafe school environment, etc. Add to that the environmental destruction and terrorist threats.

According to statistics, approximately 80% of the world's people are still religious. However, in our "modern" country only a few percent of the population are professing Christians, immigration has brought in other religions as well, but most do not believe in God. 100 years ago the situation was the opposite. But, people still want to get married in the church and bury their dead there, why?

Traditions bring security, you might say, well, but why didn't 70 years of iron-fisted communism in the Soviet Union wipe out the Christian faith? Why is it estimated that around 100 million Chinese have become Christians in recent decades, in the midst of severe persecution? The answer is obvious, science cannot meet man's greatest and deepest need for the meaning of his existence, and there also seems to be a need for "life" that satisfies. To experience inner satisfaction, and now yet another concept that science does not master, namely "peace". Materially rich and successful celebrities take drugs in search of this peace and life, only to be met with a devastating emptiness. This is precisely where the Christian faith steps in and delivers.  The explanation is not scientific, it is "supernatural", i.e. above the order of nature or science. Jesus Christ seems to present his heavenly powers, his life in real, astonishingly effective.

God as the Almighty Creator does not seem to need to consult science and its researchers but does what is necessary, and on the Cross the divine blood of Jesus really flowed to reconcile, cleanse and forgive man so that the way can be open to this heavenly life, eternal life and a peace "that passeth all understanding" as the Bible itself puts it. Thus, Jesus can be the answer to how we can get meaning and life that satisfies, as he Himself said "I am the way, the truth and the life". Believe it or not, I am one, like those two billion others worldwide that have found "the truth that sets you free".



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