'Social responsibility' by Jack Soifer

violinMany giga-corporations tell you they do it; small ones really do it, mainly with limited resources. Among good practices I have seen is Faculdade Santa Marcelina, in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Arts & Music department qualifies, among others, teachers for primary education and highschool.Also artists and maestros, vital to maintain and also export the culture of the country. Those, while practicing in schools, also learn to discover talents.

The poor children of those who work around the parish of St.Geraldo, close to the faculty, during the day stay at the parish social centre. From there the trainees, inspired and supported by the deans, took 60 kids to enjoy and create music and art; they also got a good snack.

In addition to the pedagogical aspect, to develop in them a taste for the culture of their country, the deans end up finding talents in those who would not have a chance in the commercial system.

After high school, young people who have been approved by an evaluation groupmay get grants offered by theFaculty.

A good example is that of Kátia Lódi Brito, who studied with scholarships and who is now is an award-winning teacher of arts in high schools in São Paulo.

Another example is that of Filipe Grytz who studied there and now organises musical recordings and is a conductor of volunteer choirs that sing for children and young people with serious diseases in some of São Paulo’s hospitals.

The Marcelinas show that, with teachers and deans who are committed to the future of children and young people, and to the country, they make a significant contribution to the real development of their community, without subsidies, funds or bureaucracies.

This way of solidarity and goodwill creates a better future for all - actions that may seem insignificant in the context of millions of citizens, but vital to the individual, the family, the neighborhood, the city.

With acts like these it may be difficult to change a country, but it’s easy to improve the lives of many. These,with many others, some day will be able to improve the country.

Good teachers and deans are the key to the social-economic development that we all strive for.






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