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Studying Master Of Law In Portugal: Best Opportunities For UK Students

STUDYING MASTER OF LAW IN PORTUGAL: BEST OPPORTUNITIES FOR UK STUDENTSPortugal is one of the most popular destinations for students looking to study abroad. This is because they are highly focused on research and collaborations with important research centers across the world. As UK students, you have various opportunities to take on internships and local jobs to earn money and a chance to learn Portuguese, which is a major language.

Master of Law degrees provide law students opportunities to advance their career. It is an internationally recognized postgraduate degree acquired after one full year of legal studies, and with excellent academic institutions and low cost of living, what better place to study than Portugal? As a UK student exploring your options, here are some of the best college opportunities for you:

The University of Minho — School Of Law

This is another prestigious school of Law in Portugal. It was founded in 1973 and aimed to produce graduates who apply legal understandings based on freedom of thought, knowledge, and innovation. The following programs are offered in the university:

  • Administrative Law
  • Contract and Business Law
  • European Union Law
  • Human Rights
  • Judiciary Law
  • Law and Informatics
  • Local Government Law
  • Tax Law

All these programs are taught in the Portuguese language, and for starters who are native English speakers, you might struggle a little bit. However, there would be active classes to teach this language, and you would get the hang of it in no time. However, while the class is still ongoing, you can find writers who provide expert law essay help, so they provide you with the much-needed writing assistance and even translations you subsequently need. They are there to help students who do not have a firm grasp of the language yet, and you can send your essay to them for translation or rewrite, all for a cheap price.

These writers often gave a firm grasp of both languages and would make your transition very easy and stress-free. With this assistance, you can submit your assignments and essays just in time.

Catolica Global School Of Law

This was one of the most innovative law institutions for seven consecutive years. They offer three Masters program, which are:

  • Advanced LL.M in International Business Law
  • LL.M Law in a European and Global Context
  • LL.M Law in a Digital Economy

The quality of these programs was awarded by Financial Times and has made it a remarkable center of excellence to pursue your education.  In this institution, an innovative lesson is crafted to set you on a great career course for the future. Here, you need important personalities and receive first-hand knowledge on your subject of study.

Aside from education, the campus is located in Lisbon, just north of the Tagus River. It is the perfect location to enjoy the cultural and diverse richness, cozy libraries and bookshops, cosmopolitan cafes, and colorful markets.

Benefits Of Studying In Portugal

Cost Of Living

Portugal is by far the cheapest country in Western Europe. The majority of students work on tight budgets, so this would be great for them. You can get great accommodation for cheap, and live a comfortable life on low means.

It Is Welcoming

One of the biggest struggles of international students is a cold welcome, but here, that is not the case. The Portuguese have a reputation for being hospitable and without discrimination. 

You Would Learn Portuguese

This is another major benefit of studying in Portugal. Although due to their hospitality, the citizens make a pronounced effort to understand whatever language you speak to them in, it would do well to learn Portuguese, seeing as it is a major language spoken by about 250 million people worldwide.

Excellent Universities

Here, you would find excellent law universities like Catolica Global School of Law, Universidade Nova de Lisboa - NOVA school of law, and a host of others. These universities have all ranked top numbers in World universities and would add a great deal of excellence to every pupil.

Masters In Portuguese

Students from the EU do not need student visas to study here, but according to Portuguese laws, if your stay would extend 90 days, then you must apply for a certificate of registration upon arrival at the local city council office. There, you would need a passport and a valid European Health insurance card to be officially added to the population register.

Pupils from the UK fall under the EU and will thus, enjoy these benefits. You are to report your arrival within four months, and after registration, you are free to work and walk without restrictions.

In this country, either a university or polytechnic can offer scholars a master's degree. For a Master of Law degree, you must obtain credits of over 100-150 ECTS over three to four semesters, and there is a requirement to defend your dissertation before you obtain certification.


Portugal is an amazing destination, not only for tourists but students as well. The universities mentioned are some of the best, and they even offer scholarship opportunities to give students a chance.


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