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Driving Lessons & Test in English - Faro, Algarve

DRIVING LESSONS & TEST IN ENGLISH - FARO, ALGARVELearning to drive in Portugal, if you have difficulty with the Portuguese language, is made easier by Academia do Volante in Faro, who provide classes, driving lessons and exams in English language.

Courses to get the driving license for all categories are available:

- Motorcycles
- Light cars
- Heavy goods cars
- Heavy passanger cars
- Heavy cars with trailor.

W: https://academiadovolante.pt/carta-de-conducao
T: (+351) 289 863 281
Address: Avenida 25 de Abril, Edifício Júpiter, Nº 17-B (Next to the Continente hypermarket) 8005-546 FARO
Facebook: academiadovolante


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