International School open their new boarding facilities

International School, PorchesThe International School of the Algarve has expanded its educational provision for the new school year with the opening of boarding for students (girls and boys) from the age of 12. Located in a converted hotel unit along the sea, the premises are a five minute drive from the school. The school ensures a private transport service between the above mentioned premises and the school itself.

The boarding facilities are available on a full time, term time or temporary basis in single rooms with en-suite bathrooms, with common and study rooms in an environment which guarantees privacy and the well-being of the students. Children will be closely monitored by resident teachers and highly skilled staff, who will ensure constant supervision at all times (day and night).

The International School of the Algarve has a long history of managing boarding. The school first offered boarding when the school was founded in 1972 and ran it successfully in the main building of the school up to 1989, when the market conditions changed and the space was needed for the tremendous growth of the school.

In direct response to current educational and market demands the school are very pleased and proud to once again be able to offer boarding facilities, in a prime location, for the International School of the Algarve.

T: 351 282 342 547

International School boarding facilities

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