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Local Disabled Rider Wins Silver Medals At The Special Olympic World Games In Abu Dhabi

Lucelia GloriaLucelia Gloria, aged 30, a rider from Riding For The Disabled Barlavento (RDB) has won two silver medals at the The Special Olympic World Games In Abu Dhabi. Lucelia won her two medals in the Level CS – English working trails and the Level CS – English equitation.
Over 7,000 competitors from over 190 nations took part in the games which lasted for two whole weeks. It was the very first time that Lucelia had been out of Portugal.

Lucelia GloriaLucelia was part of four equestrians who were chosen to represent Portugal at the games. In addition to Lucelia the Portuguese delegation also included RDB’s instructor Sue Wilson and RDB’s physiotherapist, Angela Mesquita.

The medals are a reward for the amount of effort and training that was put in by Lucelia, Sue and Angela. Not only did Lucelia have to concentrate on her riding skills but she also had to learn English so that she could understand the commands of the judges.

Before heading off to Abu Dhabi the Portuguese equestrian team held their final practice session at the home of RDB which is Centro Hipico, QPA, Bensafrim.

Whilst several riders from RDB have won medals at national level, it is the first time that a rider from RDB has ever been selected to represent Portugal. It is a massive achievement for everyone involved with RDB.

Lucelia is pictured receiving one of her medals in Abu Dhabi and again with Sue (far left) and Angela (far right) and the rest of the Portuguese equestrian team at their final training session in Bensafrim.

If you would like to be a helper at RDB, please contact David Hibbert at djhibbo@live.co.uk or visit www.riding4disabled.com

Practice session at Riding For The Disabled Barlavento

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+1 #2 Ursula 2019-04-02 11:02
wonderful, incredible, amazing! Congratulations to Lucelia, Sue and Angela (whom I know pesonally) and to the other riders and everyone involved! :lol:
+3 #1 Jyll Pease 2019-03-31 14:10
Congratulations to Luceia, we are all so proud of you.

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