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Freestyle Cliff Jumpers In The Algarve!

Cliff jumping at Algar SecoFreestyle Cliff Jumping is reaching new heights! This sport is exploding with jumpers now travelling the world searching for the biggest and best cliffs. Are these guys and girls out of their minds, or are they athletes?
Well, you can decide for yourself...

The Big Swings Freestyle Cliff Jumpers took a 10 day trip to the Algarve Coastline in Portugal and they found the biggest cliff in the area and jumped it! It appears by the video that safety is their number one concern as one of their members jumps a 31m - 102 feet cave entrance in to the Atlantic Ocean.

PLEASE NOTE: There are a couple of instances of mild swearing in this video.

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+2 #2 Nilza 2019-09-05 10:59
I am impressed at the amount of safety here. This man was very brave to fly through the air. It looks like it takes a team.
+4 #1 Stanley 2019-09-04 14:25
Woah. That was huge! I love the way they end the video with cleaning up the coast. The safety put into the jump and the cleaning were the highlight for sure.

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