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Confirmation of the MotoGP Grand Prix in Algarve - November 2020

ONFIRMATION OF THE MOTOGP GRAND PRIX IN ALGARVE - NOVEMBER 2020Turismo do Algarve welcomes the confirmation, announced last week, of the holding of the MotoGP Grand Prix of Portugal at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, in November.

“This is excellent news for the Algarve”, defends João Fernandes, president of Turismo do Algarve."

“After the Superbike World Championship, which took place this past weekend, the region will also host, until the end of the year, three more top sports competitions (the Portugal Masters - from 10 to 13 September; the World Championship of Formula 1 - October 25-27; and now the MotoGP Championship, November 20-22), so we can't be more proud. These decisions come to recognize and validate the enormous effort that all agents in the region, together with the national authorities, have been making to reposition the Algarve as a safe destination with the public. The degree of demand on the part of the organization of these types of events is, as we all know, extremely high, so this is an enormous proof of confidence in the response capacity of the destination, not only with regard to the pandemic, but to all the levels, ”he explains.

"Knowing that we can see in the Algarve, in a circuit that he knows well, the exhibition by Miguel Oliveira, who is making an extraordinary journey in this modality, is undoubtedly a reason for additional pride and we believe that he will also have a leading role promoting our destiny ”, he adds. “In addition to the Algarve circuit being acclaimed by all practitioners and lovers of motorcycling, for its technical characteristics, this will be the stage that will host the last race of the championship this year and that may come to dictate the future MotoGP champion, the that brings an added emotion to this event ”.

Turismo do Algarve considers that the realization of this type of international events in the region will be a powerful lever for the resumption of tourist activity, in the medium and long term, not only due to the economic impact they represent, especially considering that they take place in the mid-low season, but also due to the notoriety that they give to the destination, positioning it as an option with travelers looking for a higher quality tourism.

“Our ambition is to make capturing this type of event a regular and consolidated bet. In addition to the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, which, in terms of sports, has been asserting itself as an unquestionable asset, the region is endowed with several other infrastructures that allow the destination to welcome all kinds of initiatives, according to the same level of demanding and presenting a diversified tourist offer that enriches the stay of any visitor ”, says João Fernandes.

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