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How Often Should You Clean An AR 15?

HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU CLEAN AN AR 15?For many shooters, determining the optimal time to clean the AR-15 appears to be an unsolvable problem. You'd be astonished at how different the responses would be if you asked every owner you came across the country. Some may insist on cleaning the firearm every time they use it; others may advise doing monthly routine maintenance whether or not the AR has been shot. Yet others may argue that cleaning the gun is unnecessary if it is not being used.

Even after several trips to the range, some may advise not cleaning the firearm at all. However, instead of letting your AR-15 sit, we recommend cleaning it. This is because firing a firearm is usually a DIRTY procedure, and allowing it to sit in the cabinet for an extended time would jeopardize its reliability.

Because an AR-15 is a significant investment, it is critical to clean it with an AR-15 cleaning kit. If you want some recommendations, you may click the link to see the best cleaning kit for your AR-15; various cleaning kits provide the most satisfactory performance presented on the page. Although it is apparent that you should clean your AR-15, another question arises. How often should your AR-15 be cleaned?

How many times should you clean your AR-15?

That question is dependent on how much you shoot and how much cleaning you want to do. Even if it is only a minor cleaning, getting a proper cleaning after a day of shooting is always a good idea. Getting rid of most of the carbon left over after shooting will make it easy the next time you go out. Field stripping your AR-15 and cleaning and lubricating it before shooting will also help it last longer.

However, you should clean your rifle thoroughly at least once a month to ensure that everything is clean and free of debris. These cleanings will need a lot more effort, but if you keep your weapon in good working order, you should be able to breeze through them.

You may require a better gun cleaner depending on the type of ammo you use, especially one that can combat corrosive compounds. If you have any lead build-up, you should use wire brushes instead of cloth to remove it.

Why Is Cleaning Your AR-15 Important?

The carbon produced from each shot fired in your AR-15 will begin to build up in various spots surrounding the firearm's primary components over time. To mention a few, the bolt assembly, bore and chamber, and fire control group.

These are crucial regions, and if they aren't cleaned for an extended period, the accumulation will have a negative impact on your rifle's performance. Rust can also accumulate, destroying the finish on your rifle and, if it accumulates in the bore, significantly reducing accuracy and bullet trajectory.

The ideal solution is to keep your rifle clean at all times, with a deep cleaning once a month to guarantee that the entire gun is clean.

That concludes the discussion. Maintaining an AR-15 is a major priority because it is such a large investment. Cleaning your AR-15 ensures that it performs well and lasts a long time. Make sure you choose the best cleaning kit for your AR-15 that comes with a comprehensive set of tools so you can have the greatest cleaning experience possible.


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