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The Biggest Underdogs To Play The In The Super Bowl In The NFL History

The Biggest Underdogs To Play The In The Super Bowl In The NFL History.When it comes to sports, it is safe to say that people love a good underdog story. We simply love rooting for the weak. There is a simple explanation when it comes to this social phenomenon. People find hope in those wins or heroic displays. Because, if a weak NFL team, for example, can win against a stronger team, then people who watched the game believe that they can win things in life.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the biggest underdog performances in the beautiful history of the sport called American football.

Kansas City vs. San Francisco 2020

When people discuss some of the best underdog displays in Super Bowl history, they usually mention this one. One of the best quarterbacks today, Patrick Mahomes led the Chiefs to 21 straight points in the final 6:13 of the game for a wonderful comeback win. Mahomes was named Super Bowl MVP for his performance, leading Kansas City to its first championship since 1970. It is one of the most beautiful Super Bowl matches we had the privilege to watch recently. Sure, on paper, the Kansas City team was the favorite to win this game, but it was beautiful to see how the San Francisco team played this historic game. They may have lost the game, but they definitely won the hearts of every true NFL lover that day. If you missed the game back then, you should definitely see it on YouTube today.

St. Louis Rams vs. Tennessee Titans 2000

If you are the fan of the Rams and you are searching for the best Rams odds, then you definitely need to go on a trip down memory lane and remember how the Rams won their Super Bowl back in 2000. The “One Yard Short” game resulted in the seven-point spread, when Titans receiver Kevin Dyson was tackled just short of the end zone to end one of the most thrilling Super Bowl games. One of the best Super Bowls, no question about it. Sure, the Rams won, they were the favorites, but it is safe to say that Tennessee Titans were the underdogs everyone loved. We can honestly say that the titans got a lot of fans that day.

New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles 2005

It is safe to say that the Patriots franchise is one of the most successful ones in the NFL history. Back in 2005, they won one of their Super Bowls in a win over Philadelphia, but the Eagles put up a wonderful fight that earn them a lot of respect. The Pats were favored by seven but won by just three. That should tell you how good the Eagles played that night. The Philadelphia Eagles may not be as successful of a franchise as the New England Patriots, but they sure are a loved one. There are many people who consider the Eagles fans to be the most passionate in the NFL. That is wonderful to see and we definitely think that this hero display has something to do with it.

There you go, folks, it is safe to say that those are some of the best underdog performances in the Super Bowl history. It is not important if people love soccer or the NFL, if they are true sports fans, they definitely love those stories and we hope we will see one of them this season. Who knows, maybe we will see the underdog taking home the title. If you are an NFL lover and your team is usually an underdog in the important games, we honestly hope that this article has provided you with some hope that your team can bless you with an underdog display that people will respect.


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