Key things to consider when buying a new golf glove

KEY THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN BUYING A NEW GOLF GLOVEEvery golfer wants to play with the best equipment, so why not aspire to play with the best golf glove? The choice of golf gloves is extensive and often overwhelming. If you have never properly considered exactly what you want from your golf glove, then it’s likely you are playing with the wrong glove for your game.

The importance of having the best golf glove for what you need can’t be overlooked. Having the wrong glove can be detrimental and often pointless because you aren’t getting anything from it – performance or comfort.

We want you to factor in a few, if not all, of the following considerations when you next purchase a golf glove. Hopefully, you will find a glove to help you play better golf.

What to consider when buying a new golf glove?

There will be many golfers who place no importance on a golf glove at all, despite for many of those, it being an important part of their golf checklist. Before knowing exactly what to consider it can be difficult to know if you have got the right glove or not. This list of factors to consider should help your decision-making.


Before considering anything else, the main factor to think about is budget. This way you can set yourself a limit of how much you want to spend and find a glove within the bracket. Some gloves are extremely expensive, and many golfers won’t see a benefit from having such an expensive glove. At the same time, some golfers will maybe want a more premium glove and you can spend as much as you want on the best golf glove.


The two main materials you’re choosing between are synthetic or leather. Leather gloves are really good in warmer conditions, and they are the preference for tour players. With a leather glove, you get a softer feel, but they don’t tend to be the most durable, this depends on the individual.

Synthetic gloves are much more popular in the amateur ranks than professional, perhaps because they tend to be cheaper and more durable. Also, they are more versatile to suit a wider range of climates. Synthetic gloves aren’t as soft feeling as leather golf gloves but for most golfers, this isn’t most important. Both materials perform very well and it comes down to preference which material you prefer.


There is apparently 98% of golfers playing with a glove that’s too big for them. A golf glove is supposed to fit like a second skin – the tighter out the box the better (within reason). When you first buy a new golf glove you shouldn’t be able to pinch any of the material on your palm or fingers – if you can size down.

A glove will loosen over time so if it feels comfortable fresh out the box it will be too big soon. For longevity, you’re best purchasing a glove that feels pretty constricting when you first put it on.


Fit differs slightly to size. Like clothes, each glove will fit slightly differently, whether it be longer fingers or wider palms, each glove will fit every individual differently. It’s always best to try a glove before you buy because the last thing you want is to play golf with an uncomfortable glove on.


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