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Monte Rei Golf & Country Club rated best golf club of Portugal

Monte Rei Golf & Country Club rated best golf club of PortugalMonte Rei Golf & Country Club has again been rated Best Golf Club of Portugal, voted for by golfers, in the Golfers' Choice Awards 2015.

The rankings for best golf club are compiled based on numerous aspects influencing the quality of the golf club, such as the golf course itself, the overall impression of the club, maintenance, facilities such as practice facilities, clubhouse and the perceived value for money.

CLICK HERE to see all rankings of the best golf courses in Portugal in 2015.

Monte Rei Golf & Country Club, the only Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course in Portugal, again is the best golf club in Portugal. Monte Rei is quite an experience. Visitors praise the warm welcome, the service, the great layout of the course and the tranquillity. Oceânico O'Connor Jnr Course is 2nd, just as in 2014. Golfers especially value the course itself and it's hospitality. It's remarkable to see that four of the seven courses of Oceânico are listed in the top 10. In 2015 Royal Óbidos has entered the top 3. This club, with it's Severiano Ballesteros designed course, opened just a few years ago.

Monte Rei also has the best golf course
When golfers only rate the course itself - so without looking at other elements, such as the appreciation for the clubhouse and practice facilities - golfers again choose Monte Rei Golf & Country Club as their number 1.
The Championship Course of Monte Rei receives a rating of 9.1. Laranjal, one of the golf courses of Quinta do Lago is runner up, with a 8.9. The other two courses of Quinta do Lago, the just revamped North Course and the South Course are less appreciated, but still very enjoyable. Royal Óbidos remains in the third place. San Lorenzo has lost two places and drops to number 4.

The stunning Monte Rei Golf and Country ClubOceânico offers good value for money
If you are price conscious golfer, then the courses of Oceânico are a good choice. They might not be very cheap, but apparently they do offer great value for money. If only the price-quality ratio is taken into account, then Oceânico O'Connor Jnr Course scores a 8.8. Royal Óbidos is runner up with a 8.4. Another Oceânico course, Clube Golf Oceânico Faldo is third, while another Oceânico course, Clube Golf Oceânico Pinhal Golf, is 6th. Monte Rei Golf & Country Club climbs one place and is closing the gap with the top 3.
It is quite remarkable to see that most of the highly ranked clubs have pretty high green fees. The rack-rate for 18 holes at Royal Óbidos for instance is 100 euro, Oceânico O'Connor Jnr has a rate of 187 euro and expect to pay 200 euro for Oceânico Faldo. Golfers must be convinced that the price, although high, is fair.

Golfers' Choice rankings most up to date and transparent
Every year numerous rankings circulate, announcing the best golf courses in a specific country. The Golfers' Choice rankings of Leadingcourses.com stand out because they are based on the opinions of actual golfers, all of them available online at any time. This makes these rankings the most up to date, transparent and independent in the golf industry. Rankings are only compiled if enough reviews have been gathered for a given country. In 2015, besides Portugal, rankings were published for Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

High reliability
At the end of 2014 more than 230,000 reviews of golf courses (in eight languages) were available on Leadingcourses.com. All reviews on Leadingcourses.com are verified and approved by a dedicated content team. A golfer who has reviewed multiple golf clubs will receive a higher status and his or her review will therefore have more weight in the overall score of a club. To avoid any manipulation of its rating, various systems are in place able to track and signal questionable conduct by users. A golf club is only included in the rankings if they have sufficient reviews.

About Leadingcourses.com

Leadingcourses.com aims to help golfers to play on the best golf courses available, based on their handicap, demands and location. For instance, golfers can quickly see how other players with a similar handicap value a certain club or course. Obviously they can also view the overall rating, based on all opinions. The site was founded in 2007 and has an active golf community. Currently it has over 245,000 reviews on its site and more than 21.750 golf courses are mapped in more than 109 countries. As Leadingcourses.com values cultural differences the site is available in eight different languages.


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